Employee’s Medical Insurance Cancellation, Rights of the Employer- UAE

Today I learnt the definition of what ‘work period’ means in relation to the obligation for an employer to cover an employee with medical insurance in Dubai within the UAE, and when it is acceptable by law to cancel an employee’s medical insurance. As it is popularly known, part of the obligations of an employer in the U.A.E is to cover their employees with medical insurance during the length of their employment, as defined in ‘Article 10’ of the ‘Dubai Health Insurance Law N

To Jump or To be Pushed?

There are times in our working lives when we are faced with a situation of where we are frustrated in the position that we are in and internally we are deciding if we should jump or wait to be pushed. There was a time that I was in such a scenario. At first, all was well as I left a long-standing job for what appeared to be a significant career jump opportunity. During the interviews, all were great as there appeared to be a clear understanding of what the owners wanted and w

Opening deconstructing HR - Application of UAE Visa after License

So with the license completed it was now going into the steps of obtaining my visa attached to the company. If you are the ones that are with an agency that deals with the A-Z of business setup, then they should be guiding you through the next steps. However, if you are like me and have gone in the typing centre way then this is what you should be aware of. To note most of this article will be talking about the mainland visa process in the UAE, as this was my experience, h

Opening deconstructing HR - A license story in Dubai

"deconstructing HR now has a trade license." was music to our ears after weeks worth of navigating around the world of company setup procedures. Let's get one thing clear, the actual process of obtaining a license in Dubai is relatively straightforward once all the decisions at the beginning have been made. For us the first two weeks of the process were about investigating the different types of licenses and the different type of agencies that deal with company setups, afte